Is World of Warcraft Betting Still a Thing
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Is World of Warcraft Betting Still a Thing?

World of Warcraft is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer games. Released in November 2004, World of Warcraft is like any other Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), a game where you select a character in the game world and take on many challenges that await you.

However, WoW is very important to the gaming industry as a game that sets new standards for MMORPG titles and has remained the king in its genre – at least in the Western world. It has gone through various iterations over the last 20 years, including specific expansions that kept the game relevant but most importantly, enabled the development and growth of the WoW esports industry.

World of Warcraft, like any MMORPG game, has PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player) content. Both offer highly competitive scenes in the form of completing dungeons/raids and PvP battles, where players measure up against other players in fast-paced skirmishes.

Arena World Championship Circuit | 2022 Trailer

And while both are available to casual players, the PvE and PvP scenes have also reached a higher level, with many professional esports organisations, including Team Liquid, Golden Guardians, Luminosity Gaming, and Echo Esports, fielding their teams.

Nowadays, the competitive side of World of Warcraft is not only very healthy, but it’s also found its place in the betting world, with nearly all online betting sites offering World of Warcraft markets.

But how can you bet on World of Warcraft, what can you bet on, and how does World of Warcraft betting work?

Can You Bet On World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is just one of many video games that have formed an esports scene, but despite being one of the most played games in the world, it can’t compare to the likes of Counter-Strike or League of Legends which remain the kings of esports and esports betting.

Nevertheless, the World of Warcraft esports scene is very healthy, hosting various tournaments, from PvP competitions to a handful of PvE events. And just like any video game that hosts competitions, even WoW esports didn’t struggle to find its place in the betting world.

Where to Bet on World of Warcraft?

Nowadays, you can easily find World of Warcraft betting markets on various online World of Warcraft betting sites, including traditional sports betting sites and esports bookmakers, such as bet365, GG.Bet, and any other WoW betting site.

Although the WoW esports betting markets aren’t as extensive as those you would find betting on other, more popular esports, saying that it’s impossible or difficult to bet on World of Warcraft wouldn’t be true.

The way to go about betting on WoW (or pretty much every other sports and esports) is to have as much betting accounts as possible;

  • Traditional Bookmakers: Bet365, WilliamHill, Unibet, BetWay
  • Betting Exchanges: Smarkets, Matchbook, Betfair
  • Sharp Bookmakers: Pinnacle

If you can’t access Pinnacle or Betfair in your country, you can still bet on their odds via a betting broker. Check the table below for the best options.

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WoW Betting on PvE Content

For many World of Warcraft players, Player vs Environment (PvE) content is the main focus, and understandably so. The game offers plenty of PvE content which offers a true test to the player’s mechanical abilities and fast decision-making, and indefinite scaling difficulty to keep the players entertained as they push themselves to their limits.

Although it wasn’t like that at the start, World of Warcraft made a huge improvement to its PvE content in 2016 with Legion expansion which introduced Mythic+ dungeons – instanced areas where players fight AI-controlled monsters who get incredibly more powerful as they progress through levels (keystone levels).

The introduction of Mythic+ dungeons redefined World of Warcraft, and before long, competing against other players who will reach a higher level (keystone) quickly became a community-driven sport. This opened the doors to a competitive PvE scene, which caught on and led to the birth of the World of Warcraft PvE esports industry.

MDI & The Great Push

Just one year after the introduction of Mythic+ dungeons, the first Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) was held as a formal esports event featuring professional teams of players who competed against each other for which team will complete the dungeons faster.

Mythic Dungeon International | Dragonflight Trailer | 2023 Global Finals

The idea behind MDI is pretty straightforward. Blizzard sets the stage for the tournament by picking a pool of dungeons, their level (key), and affixes (bonuses that make dungeons tougher), with the teams then competing against one another to complete the dungeons as fast as possible.

The Great Push Season 4 | Global Finals | Day 1

The Great Push (TGP) is a similar concept, first introduced in 2021, but it works a bit differently than the MDI. Unlike the MDI, which is all about the speed at which a team can clear a dungeon, TGP is focused primarily on how high a keystone level a team can clear.

As two primary World of Warcraft esports tournaments, MDI and TGP are typically well-covered by online betting sites, which offer plenty of World of Warcraft betting markets for bettors to explore.

Besides the moneyline and outright bets, most World of Warcraft betting sites also have various side bets, including the number of deaths, classes played, level of key completed, and more – offering plenty of ways to find the optimal World of Warcraft betting strategy when looking for bets.

The only downside is that there aren’t as many MDI or TGP events held over the year as we’re used from other esports titles. Moreover, Blizzard’s current plans for the esports scene is to alternate between MDI and TGP each season, meaning there is a huge time gap.


Race to World First

MDI and TGP are WoW esports events focused on Mythic+ dungeons, but there’s also an event focused on raids (larger dungeons with tougher bosses) called Race to World First. As the name suggests, RWF is an event which kicks off at the start of a new season, where guilds compete against each other to complete the new raid (kill the last boss of the raid) before anyone else – hence the name Race to World First.

However, it’s important to note that while RWF is highly popular among viewers, this is not a proper esports tournament but rather a community event, which is not sponsored by Blizzard or any other company. Moreover, RWF has no prize pool or medals or trophies. Still, it’s still possible to bet on it.

Echo x Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible | Race to World First Announcement Trailer | WoW: Dragonflight

Various esports betting sites and even traditional sportsbooks will cover RWF and offer a generous selection of World of Warcraft betting markets. Those include outright winner, region of the winner, totals (over/under) and various special markets.

World of Warcraft Betting Odds
World of Warcraft betting odds over at bet365

Unfortunately, like the MDI and TGP, the RWF happens only a couple of times per year, so while you can bet on it, you won’t have many opportunities to do so.

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WoW Betting on PvP Content

The World of Warcraft community is split into two parts. Some prefer to take on the challenge of completing the increasingly more difficult Mythic+ dungeons and fighting the strongest bosses in raids, while others believe that the only proper test of one’s abilities is mano o mano battles in arenas.

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

WoW’s PvE esports scene is quite large, and when we talk World of Warcraft betting, Arena World Championships take the cake as the most prominent World of Warcraft esports event and very popular PvP tournament.

The first-ever Arena WoW esports event happened at BlizzCon 2008 as a 3v3 arena competition featuring the world’s top WoW players. The tournament has been since held annually and, in 2012, took over the Arena World Championship branding – which has remained in use ever since.

15 years of Arena World Championship

As the pinnacle of PvP WoW esports, the Arena World Championship is one of the most viewed WoW esports events and is very popular among esports bettors. Although not covered as extensively as other esports titles, you can find betting markets on WoW Arena World Championship on any World of Warcraft betting site.


World of Warcraft betting exists and is readily available on various traditional sportsbooks and World of Warcraft betting sites. However, due to Blizzard’s lack of involvement in the WoW esports scene and its relative lack of support, there aren’t as many events as in other esports titles, making it tougher to find opportunities to bet on WoW.

Whether this will ever change and we’ll see any developments that will help WoW esports betting grow is anyone’s guess. Still, based on community feedback, the consensus is that Blizzard should avoid getting too involved in WoW tournaments, especially RWF.

Even if things stay the way they are, WoW betting is and will remain possible.


Can you bet on WoW?

Yes, you can bet on World of Warcraft, namely on its main esports tournaments in Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), The Great Push (TGP), and Arena World Championships (AWC). You can find WoW betting odds on most esports betting sites and many traditional sportsbooks.

What are some of the biggest WoW esports tournaments?

Three of the biggest WoW esports tournaments include Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), The Great Push (TGP), and Arena World Championships (AWC). You can also bet on Race to World First (RWF); however, it is not a proper esports tournament but rather a community-organised event.

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